$38 35 $1.14
 $68 65 $1.10
 $98 100 and 2 FC* $1.03
 $198 210 and 6 FC* $0.99

New REWARD PROGRAM, get 50 minutes FREE for every 500 minutes purchased!

*FC stands for Fantasy Credit and entitles you to listen to any fantasy of your choice regardless of how long it is(Fantasy's range from 1 to 10 minutes) no minutes will be deducted while using Fantasy Credits.


OR DOUBLE your minutes on your FIRST PURCHASE !


For Canadian Customers: Prices do not include applicable GST/HST

FOR U.S. CLIENTS: All prices are billed in USD at the current exchange rate offered by your credit card, as of Oct 2009 this results in approx $190 USD for our top package, taxes are not charged for U.S. Clients.

Blocks of time purchased are only billed while in live conversations and while listening to actual fantasies(Fantasy previews are always free to browse).  In both cases you will hear "Billing Started" and "Billing Stopped" once you have entered a billable area.  Minutes are billed 2 minutes for every 1 minute if you choose to connect live 2 on 1(Promotional Tuesdays all 2 on  1 conversations are billed only 1 Minute for every Minute connected to 2 people).  Once your membercode runs out of time, you will not be automatically charged, it is up to you to order again if you so desire.  We maintain the strictest policies on the integrity of our billing.  You are not charged while browsing greetings or fantasy previews.

Payment Methods

Credit Card

If you do not have a credit card but would like to use one, we recommend going to any convenience store(Macs,7/11) and buying a prepaid gift card with cash, they are available in $20 denominations and above and are a fast and easy way to get a block of time with cash.

Home Telephone and Cellphone Billing

You can bill to your home phone bill only if you are able to dial 1-900 Numbers and are in Canada(900 Billing is not available in the U.S.), you can bill a flat fee or pay per minute.  For flat fee billing we bill your phone line one flat fee and issue you a membercode (or refill your existing membercode).  To learn about which numbers to dial and the different home telephone billing options call:

Toll Free in North America: (888) 898-0877     Choose your language, then press 1 for New caller, then press 5 for phone Billing Options and Pricing.

Pay by Check or Internet and Telephone Banking

You can also pay with check by phone or get setup with an account so you can pay with online banking just as you would your telephone or utility bill by calling

(888) 898-0877 and pressing zero from the main menu to speak with customer service.

Cash Courier Pick-up

Only available in Calgary, our licensed and bonded couriers will come to your address to pick up a cash payment and provide you with a receipt, your minutes and membercode will be activated immediately.  Couriers are available between the hours of 1PM and 11PM, 7 days per week. Call (800) 611-2525 to arrange a pickup.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Your privacy and discretion is our Number 1 priority, your credit card is discretely billed and no information is ever released to anyone calling in to inquire about the charges.  With 11 years of operation and experience in the adult chat business you can rest assured that our professionally trained customer service representatives will have the utmost discretion with your inquiry or purchase.